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Swivel Female NPT Connector

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  • Provides ultra-high purity Metal to metal seal for vacuum and positive pressure applications.
  • Sealing is accomplished by compressing the gasket between the two beads during assembly of the male nut or body and female nut.
  • The Internal surface finish of the female nut is silver plated to ensure consistent, low make up torque.

  • Female Nut-The Internal surface of the nut is silver plated to avoid galling and reduce the tightenign torque.
  • Gasket options Include-Silver plated stainless steel 316L, Nickel plated, unplated nickel or special request.


  • ZCR Fittings have been helium leak tested to a rale of 1 X 10-10 atm/cc/sec with unplated, silver plated and copper gasket.
  • Optional tests are available upon request.

  • H-ZSFC_Swivel_Female_NPT_Connector

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    Swivel Female NPT Connector - Dimensional Drawing

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    Dimension P (NPT)

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    H-ZSFC4-4N 0.18 in
    4.55 mm
    3/4 in 3/4 in 1.77 in
    45.0 mm
    1/4 in 1/4 in QUOTE
    H-ZSFC8-6N 0.40 in
    10.14 mm
    1 1/16 in 7/8 in 1.95 in
    49.5 mm
    3/8 in 3/8 in QUOTE
    H-ZSFC8-8N 0.40 in
    10.14 mm
    1 1/16 in 1 1/16 in 2.18 in
    55.4 mm
    1/2 in 1/2 in QUOTE
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